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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Those Big Yellow Bags

You've seen them at your neighbour's house. Maybe you've had one delivered to your own home. In Hamilton, Ontario the Big Yellow Bag can be ordered with various types of soil and mulch and delivered right to your easy and tidy!

Last week the Shalom Teaching Garden received its delivery of 2 big yellow bags of black garden soil and 2 big yellow bags of wood chip mulch. Receiving a delivery at Churchill Park was quite a spectacle and children at the nearby playground were amazed to see the truck unload the 4 bags!

Then came the hard work!

With the help of some able bodied teenagers the soil was shovelled into wheel barrows and distributed into the various beds in the teaching garden. The rich black soil is a wonderful addition to top of our beds and we even created a new garden bed! Our central star garden got a complete overhaul by digging up all the existing, overgrown plants and weeds and a filling with fresh soil, new plantings and a generous covering of mulch! How happy everything looks!

Now the long sunny days will nurture our plants and nudge them along their growth cycle. Our team of waterers will visit daily to make sure our plants are never thirsty.

Come by and visit our Shalom Teaching Garden, behind Temple Anshe Sholom at 215 Cline Ave North, Hamilton, Ontario.

Ask how you can help in the comments below!

Monday, June 9, 2014

2014 Shalom Garden Season

Thanks to our generous supporters the Shalom Garden is getting some special additions next week.
A top up of soil and compost, a new sign, upgrades to our star garden bed, a sunflower bed and more.
Another change in the garden this season is the plantings done by students of George R. Allan school and Kehila Jewish Community Day School. In the two raised beds the students have planted parsley, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, eggplant, peas and beans. They built a deer fence to protect their young seedlings and every day they monitor the growth of their growing plants.

Our Shalom Garden makes a beautiful setting for outdoor services over the summer. Join Temple Anshe Sholom for Kabbalat Shabbat Garden Services on Friday, July 25th and Friday, August 22nd. Bring a dairy/vegetarian dish to share and enjoy Shabbat Dinner outdoors in Churchill Park after the service.