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Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Planting

Friday morning, June 25th, 2010 was humid and sunny. I was fortunate to have my eldest son, Jacob, home for a few days and willing to help schlep stuff for his mother and help prepare the Shalom Teaching Garden for its first event! He was also great at taking pictures and short videos and promised to perform that important job at the Sunday party.

We've invited quite a few people to a Sunday Planting Party at 2pm. We have asked everyone to bring a plant, either vegetable or herb, either dug up from their own garden or purchased. So far, I've heard back from nearly 20 people who are coming for sure! I'm delighted. Being goal oriented I set 20 as my target for success and I'm pleased that there were willing supporters to come out and kick start our garden.

Some people who could not attend were even so kind as to bring in plants early! Friday night at the oneg, another interested member told me she is bringing LOTS of plants because when she told the nursery about our project they slashed their prices and even donated some plants for us. With wonderful supporter promoters at large in the community, soon everyone will be hearing about our little garden and its mission.

PS. I'm going to have to convince this special person that she needs to be on our planning committee. Her name even evokes a plant!

See you by the garden Sunday at 2pm.

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