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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Waking up the ShalomTeaching Garden for 2011

Spring has arrived at long last in Hamilton, Ontario and the May 24 weekend is nearly here. It's now time to move forward with our many ambitious plans for the Shalom Teaching Garden in its second year.
This year we will rearrange our straw bale beds to make room for some new additions. The 'Garden of Sages' is a Star of David raised bed containing fragrant plants suitable for Havdallah b'samim. We hope to complete this beautiful addition to our garden by mid June 2011. An herb spiral bed will also be created as part of our garden. Vegetable plants will grow in our strawbale beds again this year, with the produce being donated to our local food banks.
We need your help to make it all happen!
Considering the following ideas:
  • volunteer to water the garden one day a week throughout the summer months (we have subs in case you can't make it)
  • bring a potted herb or vegetable plant to the Temple office for the Shalom Teaching Garden
  • share a plant from your garden (sages, ornamental grasses, berry plants
  • donate a bag of soil and a bag of compost (the perfect mix for our beds) or the financial equivalent (donations to TAS Social Action Committee)
  • help us build a double compost bin from chicken wire and wooden flats
  • contribute a spade or rake
  • bring us the push mower you spotted at a garage sale
  • let us reuse the garden shed you are replacing
  • visit the garden and give the plants some love!
We look forward to growing with your help...
see you in the Garden!

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